Sales & Rentals

Ellsworth Music Supply & Repair is Jefferson County’s first full-line music store. We have a large stock of accessories and our sheet music inventory is the largest in Jefferson County. Ellsworth carries brand name band instruments for beginners to professional, available for sale or under our easy rent-to-buy program. We also carry a fine line of orchestral instruments, acoustic, electric and classical guitars and a wide range of percussion instruments. We offer on-site repairs specializing in restoration of guitars and stringed instruments, and offering repairs for all brass and woodwind instruments.

We now carry Seagull, Hagstrom,Godin and Alvarez guitars and are a Vox dealer in amps stacks, combos, and PA systems. Hammer action keyboards are for sale at reasonable prices and are available for rent too! Click here to shop online.

We have used instruments and equipment for sale, plus we buy and take trades on instruments and equipment as well.

Rental contracts include free repairs below $250

           Band Instruments:

Group I includes Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, and Trombone 

Group II includes Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, French Horn, Oboe, and Baritone

Rental Plan: Group I – Up Front: $30.00 + $1.80 tax (Covers first 2 months) + $35.00 deposit.

Monthly: $30.00 + $1.80 tax

Rental Plan: Group II – Up Front: $65.00 + $3.90 tax (Covers first 2 months) + $65.00 deposit

Monthly: $65.00 + $3.90 tax

Percussion Kits:

                  Includes Bell kits and snare kits

                Rental plan: Up Front: $25.00 + $1.50 tax (Covers first 2 months) + $25.00 deposit

               Monthly: $25.00 + $1.50 tax

            Stringed Instruments:

Ellsworth Music has a complete inventory of student and fine quality violins, violas and cellos. Our rental with an option to buy program is designed to accommodate the growing and progressing student. An instrument can be exchanged at anytime for another of more value. Your rental payments can be applied to the instrument you have or another one of more value in the instrument group.

Level I includes Violin and Viola.

Level II includes Cello and Bass

Rental Plan: Level I – Up Front: $25.00 + $1.50 tax (Covers first 2 months) + $35.00 deposit 

Monthly: $25.00 + $1.50 tax

Rental Plan: Level II – Up Front: $60.00 + $3.60 tax (Covers first 2 months) + $65.00 Deposit

Monthly: $60.00 + $3.60 tax AND UP