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$45 per month

Ages: Birth -5 with parent/caregiver

Fridays 10am & 6pm     Instructor: Andrea Diggs

        Tuesdays 10am            Instructor:  Danielle Clardy 

This class is for the little music enthusiasts that want to get their hands on instruments, sing, dance, and play with a loving adult.  Classes last about 45 minutes and incorporate classical melodies, traditional children’s songs, and originals written by Andrea Diggs, who developed the program for Ellsworth Music.

Part Deux

$115 per month

Ages: 5-8

Mondays 5pm     Instructor: Danielle Clardy

Tuesdays 2:30pm     Instructor:  Andrea Diggs

Thursdays 5pm     Instructor: Andrea Diggs

There is often a stage of uncertainty, where a child has outgrown the family music classes and might be ready for private lessons, but is undecided about what to play.  For 4 weeks, your child will get either private or small group lessons lasting 30 minutes, depending on the month’s enrollment, and be able to try piano, violin, drums, recorder, ukulele, and voice.  At the end of the 4 weeks the teacher will provide insight into what to do next for your child’s musical education.

Juvenes Cantores

$60 per month

Ages: 8-12

Tuesdays 4pm-5pm     Instructor: Andrea Diggs

This is a small vocal ensemble for children interested in learning to sing with others.  Students will be introduced to reading music with solfege, part-singing, music history and literature, and foreign languages.  There will be performance opportunities with this group.


$60 per month

Ages: 12-18 (instructor approval needed)

Mondays 6:30-7:30pm    Director: Andrea Diggs

For the older and more experienced singer looking for more vocal challenges, Ellsworth is now offering a chamber ensemble.  This group will learn a greater variety of vocal styles while improving their sight-reading skills, understanding of music theory and history, and developing both their solo and choral sounds.  There will be performance opportunities with this group.

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