Spring Recital 2014 Performance Order


 Sunday, April 27, 2014 2:00pm

Students of Samantha Allen

Students of Teresa Carson

Students of Dr. Jeannine Sturm

Students of Nancy Ellsworth

Intermission I: 3:15-3:30

Students of Andrea Diggs (Flute/Piccolo)

Students of Adrienne Chapman (Voice)

Students of Andrea Diggs (Voice)

Intermission II: 4:15-4:30

Students of Wayne Schmidt

Students of Adrienne Chapman (Piano)

Students of Yvonne Stewart

Students of Ryan Guerrero

Students of Jeff Kauffman






Congratulations to Ellsworth Music students on two fantastic recitals.  Saturday was the Rockn’rolcital with now and future musicians rockin’ the house.

Sunday was one of the longest (thank you for your attention and patience) and most successful recitals yet.  Every musician that wants to play on the recital always gets a chance to perform.

We had performers four years old to over forty on both recitals.  This was the first time on stage for Ellsworth Music at Jefferson High School.  Although we missed the ambiance of the Train Station in Shepherdstown, the larger space afforded a more relaxed environment for everybody.

We are looking forward to many more of these recitals in the future.

Thank you for being part of The Ellsworth Music experience.