Checking In With Our Friends

Dear Friends;

I hope this update finds everybody well. I very much appreciate your efforts to stick with us during this, let’s say, disruption.

We have successfully transitioned to the Zoom platform for virtual lessons. There were a few stumbles for some at first but the teachers and students have found many benefits in this new format. Making practicing a daily routine leads to …..discipline (not too loud!) 

Although it is not possible to predict when everybody can get back in the studios or in the store.  I am prepared to take this on for the long run. 

 We are still planning a recital. It won’t be live streamed but recorded.  Maybe a student or two will brave a public performance!

I am making my shopping website more robust. Adding lots of products that are in stock and also add catalogs from my manufacturers and distributors that will ship directly to you.

You can rent or buy instruments as well as sign up for lessons by going to as well as the supplies and music you need.

We are all in this together and hope to be more than “virtually” together soon!

Be well, stay safe, (wear your protective gear please!)

Love and Peace To All!                                                                                                                   


P.S. We are always available for any question anytime! And remember, anything you might need, music, supplies or repair, please email me @                     

There is lots of information on or go to our shopping site

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