Dear Friends;

As anticipated, the Governor has required that we are part of the mandatory closures. I prefer to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. I limited the store and school hours last week and had been preparing to transition to “virtual” lessons the week before that.

The teachers transitioned very quickly and all of you have been so understanding and cooperative. Ellsworth Music Students, Parents, Grandparents, caregivers and customers are the BEST!

I try to think ahead, instead of reacting to adverse situations. When it is not bright out, I like to see some light. Many of us had not embraced or taken advantage of the available technology in this digital age. Now we are compelled to learn something new. Executing this new format can be challenging. As musicians we know that practice, practice, practice is the path to success.

Because of the dedication of the instructors, the quality of teaching at Ellsworth Music is second to none… anywhere! Simply put, they are the best and will impart their knowledge and skill to the students no matter what format they use.

Valerie will be available to handle any lesson related issues, including getting the online features to work properly. Tasia, Cindy and I will be available for anything that might come up, rentals, payments and new lessons. We just don’t get to see you. We can be reached by email at or through facebook messenger and A message can be left at 304-728-7060.

I can see no indication that this will end soon. I hope it will, but let’s be ready to take on the situation as we need to.

Most importantly, be safe, stay healthy and take nothing for granted.

Love and Peace to All!



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