School of Music Recitals

Next Recital:
December 15, 2019
Location: Harpers Ferry Middle School

Find the time block your teacher is in and plan to arrive 15 minutes before.

Robert Mitchell
Jeff Kauffman
Dave Asti
Pat Lowry
Chris Godfrey

Steve Valentine
Heather Austin-Stone
Eli Thomas
Jason Crawford

Camilo Perez-Mejia
Cathleen Matzureff
Yvonne Stewart
Samantha Allen
Andrea Diggs

If you have any questions at all, ask your teacher or call the store and we can answer then for you.

See you all soon! 


Playing a musical instrument is an acquired skill best learned through private tutoring. This process has positive consequences that benefit the student in many facets of their life throughout the years. Ellsworth Music has established itself as one of the best private music teaching institutions in the tri-state area. We would like to help all that desire to play a musical instrument realize that goal. To showcase this, we typically schedule three recitals a year!